Cast Real Parts in 4 Easy Steps with Digital Metal Casting.



Quickly and easily produce molds from your CAD files. Binder jetting (binder jet printing) with proprietary ceramic powder creates molds. Print a mold in hours.



Transfer the print box to the Foundry Lab microwave to set the binder. Turn it on and go. After setting the print box is actively cooled. No burnt hands here.



Quickly dust the molds, insert your Foundry Lab metal slug, and pop it back in the microwave. Technically, yes, you can microwave metal. We currently work with zinc and aluminum. Magnesium, stainless steel, copper alloys and more coming soon.



Turn on the Foundry Lab microwave to create your cast part in minutes. Remove your part immediately due to active cooling, admire it, repeat. No need to pour hot metal or touch metal powders.

Our goal: Real parts that are functionally equivalent to die casting.

Cast Your Own Parts.

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