Help us empower manufacturers to cast a cleaner future.

Why Foundry Lab?

Forge a pathway for industry wide transformation with Foundry Lab.

Join our team of epic engineers and industrial innovators to help develop challenging and ground-breaking manufacturing solutions. We are committed to fostering an awesome team culture, supporting our crew, and having fun along the way. Great work requires great people, and we think ours are some of the best.

Our creation story follows a classic kiwi trope, starting with blowing up consumer microwaves in the back yard and developing quickly a full scale, production ready system for creating real die-cast parts on site, on-demand. Today Foundry Lab is HQ'd in New Zealand, with offices and a demonstration centre in the United States (California) opening February 2023 and plans to take on the rest of the world shortly after.

What can Foundry Lab offer you?

Well for starters, we have an incredible bunch of creative and passionate engineers for you to bounce ideas off of. You'll benefit from, and add to, our awesome culture (something we are incredibly proud of!) and get to work on some groundbreaking tech that will change the foundations of manufacturing.

We are always on the hunt for exceptional talent! Don't see your dream role? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Our Values

Be Real

Authenticity is at our core. We believe in our tech and know where we are going. We are more than just real parts; we are really great thinkers.


We love to wow our customers and our crew and this ethos trickles down into how we work as a team.

Empower Others

We believe our technology helps empower and enable the best and brightest in the manufacturing industry. We love bringing this into the way we work, challenging ideas with the goal to grow and learn together.

Stay Human

In our industry it is easy to find yourself deep in the technology. We focus on remaining human and keeping this at the forefront of our minds when designing.

Interview Process

01. Phone Screen

02.  Technical Interview

03.  Project Presentation

04.  Company Culture Interview

05.  In-Person Final

Available Positions