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American Foundry Society Metal Casting Congress 2023

A massive thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth to talk all things Digital Metal casting at this years Casting Congress! It was our pleasure to introduce our unusual approach to casting.

Foundry Lab's Tradeshow Debut: Formnext 2022

Transfer the print box to the Foundry Lab microwave to set the binder. Turn it on and go. After setting the print box is actively cooled. No burnt hands here.

AM Media: Faster than Foundries

“You can’t 3D print a casting,” says David Moodie. It’s that simple. “You can 3D print a metal part, but that is not a casting.” And this inability, he says leads to cast parts being designed heavier and costlier than they need to be.

Tech Crunch: Foundry Lab raises $8M to quickly, cheaply create metal castings

Remember Easy Bake Ovens? You’d mix up some colored powder and water until a dough or batter formed, put it in a mold, pop it in the oven and before you knew it – ding! A disgusting treat.

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